Monday, February 28, 2011


This past weekend, Bob & I went home. Home as in Mountain Home. Home as in my parents. Home as in my very warm water bed which I still love a lot. Home as in home church. Home as in hometown. HOME! We took off from Fayetteville late Friday morning and arrived home around 1pm and ate lunch with my mama. She had made something new with homemade yogurt. It was yummy! :) After that is was just hanging out with my parents and enjoying the day.
Saturday was a full day. We went to shop for my brother's birthday & get him presents so we could send it to him (he is overseas right now). After that, it was a quick trip to a place where I used to work in MH to see people and then dinner with a wonderful friend at a super yummy Thai restaurant! Plus she brought us homemade treats! After lunch we went to my church, watched a little Upward basketball & met with my home pastor. :) Homeward bound was a little worrisome as my car decided to act up a little bit. We made it home safe and sound and then my best friend, whom I have not seen in 7+ months came out before she went back home and she, my mama & I sent concocted a new dish. (I will post it when I get it from my mama, lol.)
Sunday ended up being more interesting than I was expecting. We got there in time to help in the nursery during preschool and instead of it being easy breezy, the baptistery somehow turned back on and overflowed all the way down the hallway so Bob & I keep the kids until it was cleaned up and in church service my pastor introduced us and had us stand up and the service ended up going long with 10-15 people ending up and joining the church which was super cool.

It was a good weekend up and I can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks for the CCW class.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have you heard??

So being a campus minister's wife means a few things- 1. I meet college students, 2. We work under and with a a campus ministry organization, 3. This campus ministry organization has other campus ministries in other places.

Number 3 is significant because one of those other college campus ministries is in South Bend, IN. They work with a few different college campuses, but the exciting thing about that is that they are experiencing REVIVAL! They have been praying for it and seeking God for it & God is answering and bringing revival to that area of the college world. The revival has been coming but showed up in a BIG way at Bethel College. Last Wednesday, Bethel, which is a Christian college, went to its' chapel service, a chapel service that is normally 50 minutes. Well 50 minutes turned into 7 & 1/2 hours and the students, faculty & staff were greatly moved & things are still moving and changing and God is still moving greatly. I believe that God is moving everywhere not just in South Bend at Bethel. Let's pray and seek God for see-able evidence of revival.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

V Day

So as all of you know, Valentine's Day was on a Monday this year. The only problem with that was that Mondays on campus are busy days for us as we both have CORD meetings until 10ish that night plus we are on campus all day on Mondays.
Well Tuesday, my hubby took me to a frozen yogurt place for lunch which was totally yummy!

Our yummy yogurt! They have all kinds of toppings- from fruit to candy to fruit bo-bo balls

The Arkansas shirt in the picture is my V Day present to my hubby from me. 

He also went out that morning and got stuff to make chocolate chip pancakes & ice cream and out fudge topping! I was a little groggy so I did not take a picture of it. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I am sure that most of you are sick and tired of hearing me talk about snow. But can I tell you what I think my fascination with snow is and why I like it so much?

Well, see there are songs that we sing that talk about how Jesus washed us white as snow and I think of that every time I hear that it is going to snow. Seeing the pure white snow is just a wonderful reminder that Jesus came and blessed me with the gift of being forgiven.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Strange Dreams.....

So we watched the Super Bowl & Glee and got home & went to bed about midnight and I had the CRAZIEST dream last night!! I mean seriously!! The CRAZIEST! My husband, parents, a really good friend from college (and her parents) & one of my uncles were all in it.

I am not exactly sure in what sequence it all played out in my dream but this is how I remember it.

I was going into a grocery where I used to work to grocery shop and these girl scouts start running across the street towards me and start trying to sell me RANDOM stuff, not the normal girl scout cookies. I didn't want any of it and they begged me to talk to the management of the grocery store so that they could set up pallets to display what they were selling. I did not that and they begged me to help them set up the stuff so I did that as well.
I got done with that and went back out to the parking lot for some reason and saw one of my uncles and his dad in the parking lot. We said hi and then went our own ways. That was really strange.
I, then, saw my parents way out in the parking lot with their hydro-mulcher, trying to get it started. I went to help them but by the time I got there, they had it started.
Then it went to my house & my husband & his our roommate (apparently he lived with the guy before we were married & we could not afford to get our own place so we had to live with him) & my good friend from college were all there. We were all sitting around and my friend was said she was feeling weird and then she had a baby out of the blue. I had to help her deliver it & then I called 911 but the call would not go through & I kept redialing the number and one time it went through to my dad's cell phone & I was like I don't want to talk to you, I am trying to call 911, my friend just had a baby. I hung up on him and my friend's mom was there then (she is a nurse & apparently neighbors with my parents) so she cut the baby's umbilical cord and then her dad came and we took her and the baby to the doctor.
All the while, there had been a guy going around the town that day & if he could tell you were home, he would knock on your door and when you answered, he would throw a fireball in your door and catch your house on fire.

It was the CRAZIEST dream I have ever had (& for the record, my friend is not the type to randomly have a baby, oh me oh my)

Super Bowl 2011 && GLEE

so the Super Bowl was last night & not that I really follow professional football nor care to follow, it is a chance to get together with the college students we are working with here in AR while we are here. We went to the foreign student hall called Holcombe Hall. Most of the students in this hall are from different countries around the world and have never seen American football.

The Super Bowl started @ 5:30 but to introduce these students to the joys of football, we had this thing @ 5 to tell them about some of the stuff they would be seeing as they watched the game. It was fun seeing the game get explained to them with some demonstration. I wish I would have thought about getting pictures of this because it was seriously hilarious.

Everyone is watching the game....

And fooding it up... Nachos, wings, coffee, kool-aid, hot chocolate, brownies, cake,  Chex mix, m&m's,  lots of goodies

Playing Ping Pong

More game watching

There was a ping pong table and one of the other ConC (Christ on Campus) staff members had her kids there and a couple of us started playing ping pong with them and they were cracking us up! Her little girl is 6 and when she would hit the ball it always seemed to find its way to my face so I was constantly dodging.

After the game, a few of us watched GLEE!! Love that there was a bonus episode last night!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

So Boy Meets Girl Who Meets Sushi?

So boy meets girl at bible college (ring by spring?) This particular boy happened to be from New York and this particular girl happened to be from Arkansas (a north/south clash?). This boy would talk off and on to this girl on facebook and the girl did not think much about it or him at all. That happened for about a year and a half with no consequence. The last spring semester that this boy attended classes at bible college he started talking to this girl again and suggested they hang out with some mutual friends. The girl agreed and after it was all set up, the friends ditched the girl and boy and they decided to meet up anyway. They went to a movie and ice cream afterwards where the boy told the girl that he liked her. The girl went for it and agreed that they could start dating. They dated the last three weeks the boy was at college, the entire summer and the girl's last year at college. In February of the girl's last semester, the boy surprised her by coming to visit her the weekend of Valentine's Day and proposing. The girl said yes. 

With this boy came a liking for sushi. The girl had decided a long time ago that she did not like sushi nor would she ever. Well this boy liked it so much that he learned how to make California and got this girl who is by now his wife to try it and she liked it! So I guess that is how I met sushi and became friends with it.

California Rolls- precut

Homemade Wabashi (very hot, girl does not like)

Cutting said California Rolls

Yummy California Rolls

Before he got a taste of the homemade {way hotter than store bought} Wabashi 

Despicable Me {one of my favorite movies of all time}

The Boy

The Girl

It's another snow day!

We got SNOW!!! I am/was so excited about that! It is snowing again today as well with more snow expected Sunday into Monday and then another storm on Wednesday!!! I am really excited about the snow! I LOVE snow! We got about 6 inches of ice and snow, it is snowing now and more is on the way!! 

This first three pictures are from our apartment windows, the last one from today @ The Rockhouse, where Bob is doing his internship.