Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I haven't...

Blogged in two months. Exactly. I know, I need a good scolding. First there was spring break, then there was traveling- Lots of that, then moving out followed by more traveling, a wedding ( I'll get to that in a bit) & moving in again.
Sufficient to say, I have been a busy girl & I start back to work tomorrow. In someways, I am ready & in other ways I wish I did not have to go back. Ah well, I will enjoy working while I am.

Anyway to catch you up a bit about life lately.

So we were at the University of Arkansas doing a campus ministry internship.
At the fountain in the middle of campus, doing the Bob pose

Shortly after this, we were packing up our apartment & loaded down our car. Literally. My poor car was practically dragging the ground. I wish I had a picture to demonstrate how loaded down it was.

We drove to my friend Jessica's house & spent the night with her family plus a random trip to the ER because her sister is pregnant and thought she might be going into labor- that was the COLDEST waiting room I have EVER been in. Seriously.

The next day we drove to Williamsburg, KS for our good friend Lori's wedding! Out of our group of twelve girls, Lori was the 5th of us to get hitched. :)

First there was Sydney (& Jonathan)- 

Then Tiffany (&Tim)-

Then Annie (& Tyler)-

Then Me (& Bob)-

& now Lori has joined us (& Daniel)-

(Photo credit: Lacy Howard)

After this is was back down to AR & my hometown. This is where my dad pulls out a bunch of guns & my husband gets scared. Kidding, kidding. Guns did come out but only to shoot at targets and have a good time, which we did. :)

Well that is all I have for now. I will write again soon. I promise.