Sunday, June 26, 2011

Small re-cap of the semester....

It has been a while again, but here is another update on life. Last Sunday, our pastor was out of town & and had previously asked my husband to preach for him which he said yes to. This was the second time in a few months that he preached in front of 50 or more people! I am so proud of him. :) While I don't have a picture of him in front of the church preaching I do have a picture of him preaching in front of the college ministry that we interned at this last semester. :) Enjoy & I hope it gives you a feel for what we are doing.
There he is preaching at the campus ministry.  I think he was more nervous for this one than last week.

The band at the campus ministry practicing! They are excellent! :)

Patching the ceiling so it would not leak as bad...
So the picture just above is of Austin (one of the campus ministers) patching the ceiling because of all the rain we had while there. The building is actually two separate buildings and the one building got a new roof  last year but they did not reconnect the gutters correctly so it would leak in the offices every time it rained. With all the rain we got down there, it was more like a river at times.  We ended up pulling up the carpet in this office (which is where the water came in through the ceiling). It was interesting to walk in when it was raining to see what was wet. My husband with his roofing skills was able to fix it enough that it did not leak again. Shortly after that, the roof got replaced. No more leaking! 

This is a picture of hail, while & rain. The white though is the hail. 
I went on a trip to Joplin MO to visit the headquarters of Rapha House & just has we got into town it started hailing and when it quit, it looked liked it had snowed, er or hailed. I will post about Rapha House & all they do later. 

Bob & baby Norah Maeleigh
The last exciting thing to happen (at least that I have a picture of & remember right now) was the birth of Austin & Amy's third baby! She arrived our last full week in Fayetteville. Kris, Kirstyn, Cory, Bob & I went to the hospital and visited the family, while minus their other two kids. Bob was a little apprehensive about holding her but he finally did & I got a picture. :) She is such a sweet little thing. She was BIG though!  If I remember correctly over 10 pounds! 

Well that is all over now. I will blog again soon.