Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Chips

It's fall meaning it is time for all things apple & pumpkin. So far, we have gone & picked apples and I have baked apple crisp. I recently found a recipe for apple chips and randomly enough no salt pickles, on the same blog. I had to figure out how I wanted to core the apples so that I could have round chips. I found two different ways to core the apple and kind of merged them together.
As far as doing the chips themselves, all you need is as many apples as you want, cinnamon, a pan & an oven set to 275 for 2 hours.

I cored my apples without cutting them up. I didn't cut the first apple at all , just cutting  to the outside of the core.  The next apple, I cut in half to the core, but not through the core. I then cut around the core and just pushed it out. The second apple was soooo easy! the only way, I will do it now. lol. 

The knife on the right is the one I cut the first  apple  with  and the first cut on the second apple.  The  knife on the left , I used to core the second apple. 

This is my pan of apples. The recipe said to use parchment paper but I don't have any so none got used. :) 

My battle wounds if you can see. It is two cuts just to the right of the middle of my nail. 
When I do my pickles, I will post again! :)