Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revive Me

So has we all know, spring has yet to, well, spring. We seem to get a taste every now and again but for the most part it seems as though it is still winter. I was talking to one of the ConC ministers today and jokingly asking her why she is letting it be winter still. She kind of went on this imaginary spill about how amazing it will feel when it finally feels like spring.
She was talking about how the rain must come before the greatness of spring. She said think about what it will feel like to breath in and those breaths feel like we just went for a run and how good that run felt and how blue the sky is and how good the wind feels and how we could just find a patch of grass that is mostly unkept, how we will just plop back in it and enjoy how soft it is against us, there will be in mud for us to get on us, no dog poop to accidentally lay in (there is a lady who brings her dog to do its' thing in the front lawn). We will feel cleaner after getting up than when we laid down in the grass. There were probably so other things said but those are the ones that stuck out to me especially when this song by a band called Take No Glory called I Run to You came on my playlist.
We keep asking where spring is and whether it has forgotten about us and while we ask that about spring now, we often as that about God and I think this song describes it all perfectly...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Long time, I know!

So I promised my good friend Lynn that I would post last week and it just did not happen. Not because I was too busy but I did not have internet and I simply did not feel like going somewhere where the was internet. So no good excuse just wanting to hibernate I guess, well and then the ickies hit. Mostly just the congested kind but I will spare you the details of anything else that came about.

I will tell you though that I read 5 books in about three and a half days and would have read more if I would have had the books. I read insanely fast sometimes, especially when I am bored it seems. Oh well that seems to be a lot as of late.

Now since I have told you what I did last week instead of blogging, well my husband went on a spring break missions trip and I stayed in Fayetteville for the week. I did go to my best friend, Wendi's, house for the first weekend he was gone and we had a blast! I was going to go to visit friends where I went to college but gas went up like crazy and we just could not afford for me to do that.

Going to my best friend's house was so much fun! We have not seen each other since I got married except for a couple of hours when I first got back to my beloved Arkansas. The weekend started a little early as I went up Thursday afternoon (St. Patrick's Day). Me & my Route 44 Vanilla Cranberry Coke made the two hour drive and were there by 1ish. She always cooks something fun while I am there and this time was no exception! She had beer bread going into the oven when I got there so when it came out we were waiting with mouth's a-watering for a piece! Dinner was delicious roast beef, carrots and potatoes! She is such a good cook! Friday morning she made cinnamon scones for me! They were so delicious! I am going to be visiting the blog she got it from and jotting down the recipe for myself. :) We are both really getting into couponing and she needed to grocery shop so we went together to do this. That was um, interesting. Society has changed in such a way that now when 2 people of the same gender are together, people are wondering if you are a couple or are just friends. Seriously, we got so looks and we were even talking about our husbands! That was entertaining when we realized it.

Wendi and her husband are looking to buy land and build or buy a house with some acreage to it. Friday night, Wendi and her husband drive me to land that they are looking at buying and Saturday, Wendi and I went and looked at a house that online looked like a possibility. What a joke that was. Oh well, it was fun!

I think that is all I will include in this post, but more to come soon! I think the writing bug is coming back. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a quick note....

I have been absent from blogging for a while. Just a crazy life... of a campus minister's wife. I will be writing a few updates next week though so be looking out for those! :)