Saturday, November 20, 2010

365 {days} cont.

So today's picture is of a burning candle in my house. It is a WoodWick candle. I love this candle! It sounds like a fireplace and smells like a bonfire (well this specific scent). We got it as a wedding gift from dear friends of my family's. They were supposed to come to our wedding but could not because the wife was diagnosed with liver cancer very shortly beforehand.


365 {days}

I missed a day but here is Thursday 11/18 and Friday 11/19
Yummy Starbucks! We have one just down the road from our apartment so we walked there and got drinks Thursday night. The only problem arose when we got home and I put mine down on the table and promptly somehow knocked it off the table, busting the bottom of the cup and my straw. 

Ice Cream Night! Since we have been married, we have most Friday nights gotten ice cream (or Starbucks) for the weekend. This probably explains my weight gain of who knows how much. Oh ice cream how I love and loath you all at the same time. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

365 {days}

My goal is to start doing a 365 {days} album in which I  take a picture everyday and post it for all to see. Here is to hoping that I can accomplish this! :)


Here is the first day 11/14- Flowers from my sweet sweet husband! :) He is the best!

11/15- I love this photo from one of my best friends from college- one of The Twelve. 

I don't like you Mommy

I work with little kids about the age of this little boy! It fits this age group so well! LOVE it!

Vintage 21 videos!

I love these clicks! They are so funny! So sit back, turn up your volume and have a good laugh! :)


Today is somewhat of a strange day. Not in a bad day, but in a new things are going to happen anticipation way. The kind that make you scared but oh so excited as well! See my husband and I are endeavoring to do full time campus ministry at the University at Albany in New York. To do that, we must go to people around us and ask them to help us financially so that we do not have to work a regular 8-5 job. Sort of a like a missionary. Okay so not sort of but exactly as a missionary does. We are US missionaries. We don't go to foreign lands, to strange peoples and share Jesus but (in our case) across the street to the local college campus and share Jesus. Last Thursday, we met with my director from the preschool that I work at up here and that went very well. Tonight we meet with the elders (well Bob goes to see the elders) and I will be hanging with some of the wives of the church where I work. We are excited about this opportunity to work with this church because they seem excited to be able to break into the college campus ministry. 

Jonah Jonah Jonah

A friend posted this on facebook. I thought it was super super cute. Different voices and everything. :)

I hope the link works. If not let me know. :) Otherwise enjoy it.