Monday, January 16, 2012

Dallas & Beyond....

Last weekend at this time, Bob & I were with fellow friends and Impact Campus Ministers in Dallas TX standing in a Target getting Starbucks drinks. We were on our way to work and we decided we all needed Starbucks. :) Too bad I don't have a picture of this mob. :)
That weekend was a fabulous time of fellowship & learning with our good friends & fellow ministers from different parts of the country.
Bob & I flew down to Dallas via Detroit. Here are a couple pictures from the plane.  
When we left Albany it was cloudy & flurrying, once we got in the air, it was absolutely gorgeous! 

We landed in Dallas, got picked up at the airport, picked up other people & drove to the place we were staying, Camp Hoblitzelle- a Salvation Army Camp. It was beautiful there. There was a pretty lake & we saw some of the prettiest sunsets.

Where we stayed, looking up from the dining hall. 

The gorgeous sunset!  
There is a snippet of our trip to Texas. 

Now to the beyond part. Coming back from Dallas, we have a challenge in front of us. We must get a third of our support raised. We are very close needing only around $100 to be at this goal. A third of our support raised is only the beginning. Our goal is to be fully supported by August so that Bob can be on campus full time. 
We need to get this $100 raised by this week for us to be in the clear with our sending organization. Our God is large and I have full faith that we will see this done. We have two support meetings set up for this week and Bob is doing well formulating a plan to get us fully supported by August. 

We went through support raising training in November and feel fully prepared to meet with people & have them join our team. Part of our training was that we need to be asking for references from the people that already support us. 
Once Bob started asking for these, we got a lot of references that we are now working through. 

This is our very short term goal, the next short term goal is to get our student loans paid off- that is another blog post though. :) 

If you want more information on our ministry at the University at Albany, please comment on this post. I hope to hear from some of you. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lessons Learned

So in coming to the all staff retreat, never thought I would meet such a cool guy who knows so much about Jewish culture & language.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The big D

We left bright & early Thursday for Dallas TX. We are here for the all staff retreat for Impact Campus Ministries' all staff retreat. It really just means that they get together & talk. Nothing too exciting, just meeting in a warmer climate. Here is a picture of the meeting right now on technology.